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Outsourcing Cartoon Services

Indian studios offer a wider range of services, depending on the nature of the project. Most of the cartoon animation work outsourced to India involves the actual production process—creating the characters from scratch, their facial expressions, movements, background, lighting and finally, the compositing. Pre- and post-production normally takes place in the parent studio, or at other locations. ITMatchOnline is a business to business portal that helps in the process of selecting your offshore partner in India. Once the offshore partner has been finalized, a detailed set of instructions (often referred to as the ‘Bible’) can be received by them. The ‘Bible’ describes in detail almost all aspects of the production process, and the exact requirements of the parent studio.

Production/cartooning work could involve 2D and 3D animation for:

Indian studios have also invested heavily in training and studio facilities to cater to their international clientele to create some astounding visual effects for advertisements and feature films. ITMatchOnline have a number of such facilitators who can meet all your cartoon animation needs.

India is gradually becoming a popular outsourcing destination for television and film studios in the U.K., U.S.A, Canada, France, Italy, and Korea. Apart from lower production costs and a larger pool of English-speaking manpower, Indian studios offer sophisticated facilities and access to a rich heritage of mythology and oral storytelling traditions. You can find them here on IT Matchonline. Greater Organizations are working on 2-D and 3-D projects with studios in India and IT Matchonline is a pool of those where you find the best to meet your requirements of cartoon animation.

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