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Outsourcing Multimedia Application

ITMatchOnline, a leading portal of B2B contacts has a huge number of members who have a strong and dedicated workforce with many years of experience in the entire range of products and services in the Multimedia Domain. Their expertise spans over the entire range of Video and Audio Technologies with very rich exposure to MPEG 1/2/4 Audio, Video and System Specifications. The experience includes development of audio and video CODECs as per various standards, reference code development and optimization for fixed-point processors, Audio Video Streaming over Wired/Wireless Networks etc. Support competencies in Embedded Systems, Device Drivers, Imaging and GUI are also available at ITMatchOnline, making it a single point destination for Multimedia Development needs.

You can get different types of CODECS like MPEG Audio Encoders and Decoders (mp3, mp1/mp2 multi-channel decoders), AAC, WMA and DOLBY AC-3 audio Decoders, Encoder compliance – Audio quality testing, Full accuracy fixed point implementations, MPEG-1 Encoder/Decoder, MPEG 2 Decoder, MPEG-4 Encoder/Decoder (Simple, Main and Core profiles), H.261/H.263 Codecs, MPEG and DV over 1394, Image codecs ( PNG/MNG, JPEG, TGA ), Fixed point codecs, DVD menu application, Image processing and 3D Graphics

These service providers also specialize in MPEG-TS error correction, MPEG MUX/DEMUX, DTV/HDTV formats, MPEG Stream format converters (MPEG TS to PS), DVB / ARIB standards, Real-time Streaming Applications, Streaming over Wired/Wireless Networks, Video-on-demand and Video Conferencing Applications, HTTP based Streaming, Streaming Framework supporting RTP/RTCP/RTSP, H.323/ SIP, Streaming with QoS, Direct-X, DirectShow, SDL and Video Streaming Application that broadcasts MPEG data over the internet

You can avail all the services of your need to develop the best multimedia application through ITMatchOnline.

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